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I am Natasha! A Makeup Artist & Receptionist from the South of England (Hampshire) and as a youngster I had very bad acne, leaving me with scarring and this prompted me to start wearing makeup. I remember sitting in the girls' toilets in a cubicle patting on Maxfactor Foundation as heavily as I could to hide some of my redness and massive spots :'( Luckily my hormones have now sorted themselves out and I do still have acne but not half as badly as it once was :) I am left with the scars but it reminds me of how lucky I am to be an individual. In packing foundation onto my face as much as possible I soon started to love makeup and how it could turn something (I thought of then) as being ugly into something beautiful and glowing :3

I learnt how to apply makeup properly and now it's literally all I want to do 24/7. I love getting creative and started this blog as I started to complete my Extended Project I started whilst I was at college. I've now branched into doing look of the day posts and reviews etc, I am a Boots panel tester for products and I love reading other peoples blogs be them famous artists or mums with full time jobs or anybody that has something they're passionate about! I also do a few posts on outfits that I wear to parties/special occasions as I am a curvy girl but only small! (at 5ft 3" and a size 14). I am proud of how I am and how I look and try to give people confidence with how they look and how they are as I know body image is a difficult subject to approach.

If you want to enquire about me doing your special occasion makeup please message: janbeautyful@outlook.com  with details of the event, your outfit, your ideas etc. -Please do so at least 3 weeks prior to your event and I shall contact you back with a quote.

If you wish to contact me with any questions you may have about acne and makeup please send them to:  janbeautyful@outlook.com I may well do a blogpost wih your questions (as others may be interested too) but please note I WILL NOT use your name or give out personal details in any post I do about your questions.
If you are a company wanting me to review your products please send details to:
janbeautyful@outlook.com with details of the company, products, when you'd like me to release the review etc.

You can also catch me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & BlogLovin' (links in sidebar) :) x x x

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