Tuesday, 29 October 2013

LOTD Random Day... Just chillin' :0)

So today was a random day, just chillin' trying to get rid of my cold, which seems to plague us bbloggers just when we get into our swing of posting... -.- And so my makeup was soft and simple.

My fully made up face :)

As you can see...FAKEUP has done it's job pretty damn well! I was trying this sample of Estee Lauder's double wear foundation and although it was slightly too dark, it didn't oxidise and did stay all day, so that'll be on my Xmas wishlist :D Also, this is actually the first time I tried out the Milani shadow set and...it was...really bad :( I am sorry to report it just turned into a grey mash by the end of the day :(
The H&M gloss was amazing! Very nice pigmentation XD and not sticky. The Stay blushed by Rimmel needs a bit more trying but first impressions-I liked the colour and application was easy :)

Products used :)

Hope you liked this post and hopefully I'll be all better soon so I can show you lots more things in upcoming posts, it's been so difficult to fit everything in but I am GETTING there...finally :)

Thanks for all your support guys :) x x x

Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween 52 WODN & I am going away tonight!

Today's 52WODN is for HALLOWEEN WEEK. Yes, sorry it's taken so long for anything Halloween-ey to be posted on here, but, tbh....I really don't like Halloween :( I don't like getting scared. I am such a wuss and Grannie I know but it's really not my thing...Christmas on the other hand!!-Don't get me started!! :D

So yeah, for this week I decided to do a 52WODN post that had my gruesome (kinda pretty) nails...

My Left Hand :)

Ma Left Thumb-io :)

My Right Hand!

Ma Right Thumb-io
Don't they kinda look like bloody lungs or body bits?? D: I dunno, but this is the best gore I can do :P
To get this look I just put on some Barry M Croc effect on top of just a wet base coat and once dry painted over Revlon's Mon Cherry -just the once to get the blood-ey effect :S

So, what d'ya think?? Not too bad, eh? :/ haha, well apart from Cutesey Frankensteins and fangs this was as horrible as I could go!

I go away tonight to see ma friend Annie at Uni! So I am excited for that and what shenanigans it may bring... ;) but keep your eyes peeled as there is a LOTD scheduled for tomorrow :) x x x

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

LOTD: Shopping at Hobbycraft and Crafting for the rest of the day afterwards!

So Yes, I ventured into Hobbycraft once again! Well...I was after some modge podge type stuff (as I cannot find modge podge here in the UK for the LIFE of me) and I saw they had something similar online and thought, Well, why not have a little shop round? And I am  so glad I did! BUT that is another story! :P

Ma Full-Poutey-Face :*
My idea for what to wear/how to style it, I needed something easy to chuck on that would still look cute. I picked this leopard print jumpsuit I own from Topshop and grunged it up with some army boots and a top knot. My face, was quite easy but looked really, really nice and glowey!
I wore Dainty Doll shadows (if you can get hold of the yellow, I'd recommend it!!) and really just did a nice bronzed contour with Nars' Laguna, Physicians Formula Pearl Highlighter and Benefit's Rockateur (which, I still haven't totally figured out yet, haha!) I then slicked on some Nars' larger than life gloss in Place Vendome and then stuck some of the MUA one direction balm (I think I got...someone loves Watermelon??-Not sure, sorry!) But then whacked on some Avon super extend mascara and Elf max coverage concealer (which, if you do not already know I majorly LOVE-check out my elf haul/review here:http://januarybeautyful.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/elf-haul-august-2013.html).

Products used :)
Thanks for reading guys! Hope you liked this post, if you think I should start doing an Outfit of the day once a week...let me know, yeah? :) x x x

Monday, 7 October 2013

52WODN 7.10.13. I am sorry I missed a week, BUT..!

The cute candy inspired nails I had from 2 weeks ago, just lasted and lasted and I kept getting A LOT of compliments on them so didn't want them to go! Haha! But I have got a 52 weeks of delicious nails post for you in today, so, here it is!

I am a little bit like everyone else in that I totally jumped on the whole "moustache everything" band waggon, but I have never attempted to make moustache inspired nails before so this was a new challenge like no other :P To get this look I used Revlon's Timeless and a Black nail art pen I own :)

Oui, Oui, Oui
I think they look so, so cute! Look! Little-Frainch Men :P However. There is a reason there is only one hand of little french moustache-d men. Because, after doing these nails I went and did horsey things and that lead to my nails getting destroyed. I will show you the little man that came out the best...

Poor little guy...

 So this week, Left hand TOTALLY wins. Hands down, though it's a little unfair as the right hand was pretty much ruined by nothing of it's own fault. Thanks for reading guys! Speak soon :3 x x x

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

LOTD-Coffee Morning with Girls :3

So today I went out for a lovely little coffee with my girlfriends, I wanted to look sleek and smart but not make too much effort...y'know how it is :P I ended up wearing a very interesting dress...it kinda looks like warning tape! It's a long dress (half way down ma knee) but it's very figure hugging, which I like, it also has 3/4 length sleeves :)

My Full Bright Face!

I just used a nice little blend of a couple of Naked Basics colours with...one brush I think? haha, I then used the black shade to line my upper lashline :) Then used a nice little swipe of MegaLash mascara, a cute buffing of this new H&M blush I got (keep an eye out for my haul coming soon :3) and H&M Lipgloss too! I also thought it was worth mentioning that I used Fakeup under my eyes....don't they look refreshed?!

Ma neutral, faked-up eyes XD

So, yes, not many products used but a nice fresh look achieved!

All Products used :)

Thanks for reading guys and sorry I missed out last week! As I said keep an eye out for my H&M makeup haul post-I am pretty damn excited about it, I can't lie :3! x x x